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I'm here

2011-05-07 10:53:27 by HTSN3

Hello people. I'm new here as you can see. I am the latest audio submiter. I'm not very good with this but I'm getting better.


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2011-05-07 11:54:45

Welcome on NG and good luck ;)


2011-05-08 00:17:10



2011-05-08 00:34:08

Every man who is nice to you here on NewGrounds only hopes to get pictures of you nude.

Please enjoy your stay.

P.S. ESPECIALLY the ones who use winky faces.

HTSN3 responds:

Thanks for this strange advice. :x


2011-05-08 11:05:53

Welcome :)


2011-05-08 16:13:11

Let me know when you submit a new song!

HTSN3 responds:

My first song is being approved now. I'm not very good on creating song, but I believe I'm better then a lot of people that I see on newgrounds.


2011-05-08 22:45:57

Guten Tag!


2011-05-20 11:53:25

You are welcomed, it is always good to see new people contributing to Newgrounds, enjoy your time here!


2011-05-26 00:37:39

that depends on what kind of men your talking about

lol pico day


2011-06-18 11:50:50

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